Organizational structure

Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd. originated from the Habsburg family in the 19th century. The House of Habsburg is a German feudal ruling family with numerous branches in European history, mainly in Austria, also known as the Austrian family. A branch of the Germanic people with ancestors from France. They first resided in Alsace, France, and later migrated eastward to the canton of Algol in northern Switzerland, gradually expanding to the entire German region. At the beginning of the 11th century, the family took Habsburg as its name because its bishop Werner of Strasbourg established the Eagle Castle (Habsburg).
Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd. has decided to enter the Asian market to meet the needs of Asian collectors and cooperate with the Asian region to provide high-quality art services for Asian collectors. Habsburg International Auction House takes pride in providing global customers with unrestricted access to great artworks. Nowadays, it can reach every corner of the global art market, with art business spread all over the world: offices in 8 countries; Covering over 42 collectibles. And there is an advanced online bidding platform. No matter where I am, trading with Habsburg is very easy and convenient.