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  Habsburg Consulting Services will arrange a dedicated person to provide you with professional advice to help you expand your collection, improve the quality of your collection, and ensure that each transaction will bring you financial benefits. At the same time, we have a team of consultants and over 100 art experts from around the world. From the in-line instructions for finding and storing your favorite works of art, to the shipping and logistics, to the installation services, we will take care of everything you want.
How to entrust

一、Please read the Auction Law and our Auction Rules carefully before bidding, and help to comply with them. Provide relevant identity documents, sign the bidding agreement, and complete the bidding registration procedures;
二、Please carefully review the original auction items before bidding (including hiring experts to assist appraisal), once the decision to bid indicates that I accept all the status quo (including defects) of the lot; If the bid is successful and the confirmation is signed, we must take full responsibility and never return the goods or refuse to pay for them for any reason. The company does not undertake guarantee responsibility for the authenticity and quality of the auction items.
三、Before entering, the buyer should hold his or her ID card or passport, fill in the registration form and get the number plate before entering.
  1、In order to protect the rights and interests of the client, the Company will collect a deposit of HK $50,000 for each registered bidder (cash and traveler's cheques only). After the auction, the unsuccessful bidder can get the deposit back on the spot.
  2、The winning bidder must pay off the payment and withdraw the goods within one month after the auction, and the original deposit will be offset at that time. The company will not refund the deposit and investigate the liability for breach of contract according to law. The buyer who has not paid the price may not withdraw the auctioned items.
四、The license plate issued by the buyer is for my own use only. If the license plate is lent to another person, the Company will still hold the licensee liable. If the bidding buyer fails to conclude the transaction due to personal reasons or mistakes in holding the sign, please notify the staff and bid the bid again.
五、A 10% commission of the "hammer price" shall be paid to the Company if the buyer is successful in bidding.
六、All payments shall be made by the buyer in RMB, and other currencies shall be converted according to the market exchange rate published by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange one working day before the auction date.
七、In addition to cash and check, the buyer's payment can also be directly remitted to the company's bank. If the payment is made by check or draft, the goods can only be picked up after the bank's confirmation.
八、If the consignor entrusts the Company to participate in the auction, the Company can only accept the entrustment if he/she sends a valid written entrustment to the Company prior to the date of the auction item and pays a 30% deposit. (The bidding below HK $100,000 shall not be entrusted separately) The Company shall not assume any responsibility for the unsuccessful bidding and accidents in the bidding activities.
九、Bidding ladder: The auctioneer reserves the right to change the increase during the bidding process.
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Global Auction Table

NO Auction time Auction place Auction theme Selection cutoff Unit
01 June 22, 2024 Singapore 2024 Singapore · China Collection Art Auction May 10, 2024 Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd.
02 May 25, 2024 london 2024 London Classical Art Boutique Auction, UK April 15, 2024 Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd.
03 January 16, 2024 london 2024 UK Stealing Dungeon Classic Art Special Boutique Auction end Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd.
04 December 16, 2023 Qatar 2023 Qatar Royal Art Treasures Auction end Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd.
05 September 30, 2023 Singapore September 30, 2023 Singapore Chinese Rare Art Auction end Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd.
06 June 24, 2023 Dubai 2023 Dubai Eastern Royal Art Auction, United Arab Emirates end Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd.
07 January 8th, 2023 london 2022 Classic Art Auction in London, UK end Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd.
08 December 28, 2022 Paris 2022 Royal Art Auction in Paris, France end Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd.

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