May 25, 2024, London Classical Art Boutique Auction, UK

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May 25, 2024, London Classical Art Boutique Auction, UK
Auction date: April 20, 2024

Habsburg 2024 Classic Art Auction in London, UK

1、 Introduction to Auction

Auction Theme: Habsburg 2024 London Classic Art Fair Boutique Auction
Collection deadline:April 15, 2024
Auction Date:May 25, 2024
Auction address: Pullman St. Pancras Hotel, London
Auctioneer:Habsburg International Auction Limited Corporation

2、 Scope of solicitation

Auction section: Porcelain section Jade Ware Special Session Calligraphy and Painting Special Session Miscellaneous Special Session Coin Special Session

Deadline: March 15, 2023
Auction Agency: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

3、 Solicitation procedure
Send JPG format images as attachments to the solicitation email of our company's customer service department.
Please pay attention to the format and size of the photos sent. It is recommended that each photo should not exceed 500k and each email should not exceed 30MB.
Please indicate the detailed information of the collection (diameter, thickness, weight, age, texture, defects, source, etc.) and leave your specific contact information;
If the work meets the shooting requirements after review, we will proactively contact you. At that time, please bring your items and valid identification documents to the company for auction. After the relevant collection is inspected by the business personnel in a reasonable manner, if it meets the auction conditions, the company will sign a commission auction contract with you.

4、 London, UK

Pullman St. Pancras Hotel London

Introduction to London
London is a leading world-class city in the world, one of the wealthiest, most economically developed, most prosperous in business, and with the highest standard of living in the world. It influences the world in politics, economy, culture, education, technology, finance, commerce, sports, media, fashion, and other aspects. It is the only city in the world that has hosted three Olympic Games.

Positional domain
London is located on a plain in southeastern England, with the Thames River running through it. The coordinates of the city center are 51 ° 30 'north latitude and 0.1 ° 5' east longitude. Greater London covers an area of 1577 square kilometers and had a population of approximately 8.9 million in 2016.

London is influenced by the North Atlantic warm current and westerly winds, belonging to a temperate marine climate. The temperature difference between the four seasons is small, the summer is cool, the winter is warm, the air is humid, and there is much rain and fog, especially in autumn and winter.

Hotel Introduction
The Pullman St. Pancras Hotel in London is only a few minutes away from the International Railway Station, King's Cross/St. Pancras Station, and Euston National Railway Station, making the location quite advantageous. The hotel has 17 modern conference rooms, making it the perfect destination for business meetings and conferences. This is the leading high-end hotel in the city, offering many luxurious facilities as well as silent rain showers, tea and coffee utensils, mini bars, and luxurious bath supplies.

5、 List of previous high priced lots

Lot 3209
Li Keran's "Red Mountains"
Size: 75.5 × 45.5cm
Starting price: SGD 10790000
Transaction price: SGD 38000000 (equivalent to RMB 202.83 million)
Collection description: In "The Red Mountains and the Colorful Forest", the towering peaks occupy the center of the picture; A large number of vermilion dots were used, with a strong ink background. The red trees depicted in the foreground of the picture were like silhouettes; In the center of the painting, there are white waterfalls, white streams, and white tiled houses hidden behind them; The inscription 'The mountains are red, the forests are stained' is written in the upper right corner of the painting; At the bottom right of the screen, there is a "Sending Love" Zhu Wen seal opposite to the Bai Wen seal. The book 'The Red Mountains Bloom Through the Forest' carries a strong emotional color, expressing revolutionary emotions. Coupled with the author's own inner feelings about the mountains and rivers, through the systematic portrayal of the mountains and rivers, it creates a magnificent and magnificent red landscape artistic conception. The picture is bright red, containing infinite spiritual beliefs and implicit tension in the tranquility.
On the basis of sketching landscapes from life, Li Keran made breakthroughs and innovations, boldly combining Chinese red with Chinese ink, creating a passionate patriotism. The mountains with a strong sense of color in the distance complement the main peak of Chinese red in the middle, emitting the author's broad mindedness and strong sense of nationality; The graceful trees in the vicinity and the pale yellow tender shoots above make the entire picture reflect the longing for life and the praise for life; The images in the painting all reveal an upward vitality. The artistic conception expressed in the screen is not only a representation of the appearance of mountains and rivers, but also a concrete representation of the spirit of the Red Revolution.


Lot 3002
Zhang Daqian's "The Painting of Giant Clear Peak"
Size: 168.5 × 85cm
Starting price: SGD 10790000
Transaction price: SGD 28000000 (equivalent to RMB 149.45 million)
Collection Description: Zhang Daqian's "Imitation of Juran Qingfeng Painting" was created in the mid to late 1940s and was once seen in the "Special Collection of Famous Calligraphy and Zhang Daqian's Early Landscape Paintings". The exquisite and complex paintings can make Juran tie his hands and mountain woodcutters avoid the mat, making it a rare and unforgettable masterpiece after Zhang Daqian entered the artistic maturity stage in the 1940s.
Zhang Daqian's friend Xie Zhiliu also wrote a postscript on the painting: "The pen of this old friend Zhang Daqian at the age of 49 is extremely rare, and it is a masterpiece of his life. It is already early summer, and Xie Zhiliu watched the scene. The seal text: Xie Zhi, Zhiliu." This picture imitates Juran, and first of all, it refers to the use of Juran's skilled long linen brush technique. However, Juran's long cloak and hemp texture (often painted in silk), although still characterized by its freshness and smoothness, is mainly characterized by a straight center forward. The use of a round pen with a center point and easy side strokes to split and carve is the location of the ancient and new transformation in this painting. If long linen is draped on paper, the water absorption of the paper can create a dry and moist contrast between ink and water, which can easily create a vast and moist picture, which also opened the precedent for the landscape of ink and water in the Yuan Dynasty. Therefore, although this paper version of the "Qingfeng Painting" utilizes the technique of juran's long covered and bald brush mixed with dots and moss, its brushstroke charm is dense and boundless, especially the wild and rich taste of Wang Meng's landscape paintings from the Yuan Dynasty. This "Imitating the Giant Ran Qingfeng Painting" is a highly representative masterpiece of Zhang's Ming Dynasty's construction of inn roads and secret passage through old warehouses, resembling the ancient and the new, integrating the ancient and opening up the present.


清康熙 铜鎏金嵌宝石无量寿佛

Lot 5001
Qing Kangxi Bronze Gilded Gold Inlaid with Gemstones, Infinite Shou Buddha
Size: H: 58cm
Starting price: SGD 10700000
Transaction price: SGD 28000000 (equivalent to RMB 149.45 million)
Collection Description: Infinite Shou Buddha is an incarnation of Amitabha Buddha. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is the main Buddha of the Five Buddhas and Five Wisdom in the Western world, and the leader of the Western Paradise. The Buddha observes wisdom, with infinite brightness and lifespan, and can bring longevity, good luck, and wisdom. Wuliangshou Buddha is an extremely important and widely circulated deity in Buddhist beliefs. Due to the fact that this deity can not only satisfy the pursuit of longevity for all living beings in this world, but also lead kind-hearted beings to transcend the suffering of reincarnation after death, leading to a beautiful Western paradise. For over a thousand years, there have been countless single statue works with the theme of Infinite Life Buddha.
The statue is made of gold and copper material, wearing a five leaf wreath on the head. The wreath is adorned with gorgeous decorations, with dense and vivid flower branches arranged tightly. Coral, lapis lazuli, and turquoise beads are interlaced and inlaid, making it exquisite and beautiful. Ears are adorned with carved earrings, tied in a U-shaped shape with a crown and ribbon around the ears. The face is round, with a wide forehead and a prominent white hair between the eyebrows, eyes slightly open, eyelids curved upwards, and a smile on the face. The Buddha statue is dressed in heavenly robes, with a silk robe hanging from the shoulder and arms around the lotus pedestal, giving it a more dynamic and elegant feel. Wearing necklaces and various ornaments on the chest, arms, and feet, the various gemstones embedded in the necklaces and ornaments complement each other. The statue has a youthful and handsome face, with a childlike and innocent smile, symbolizing the peaceful and pure spiritual world within this Buddha. Both the face and skin exude a youthful aura. With both hands holding Zen meditation seals, sit cross legged on a double layer lotus platform. The lotus platform is covered with a lotus petal, with exquisite patterns carved on the end of the petal. It not only inherits the legacy of the Ming Dynasty palace statue, but also ushers in a new trend of this era. The shape is dignified and symmetrical, the proportion is comfortable, the materials are exquisite, and the cost is spared. The image is vivid and realistic, the craftsmanship is fine, and the momentum is grand, representing the highest level of craftsmanship statue in the Qing Dynasty, demonstrating the exquisite, elegant, and magnificent royal art style.