Habsburg, June 24, 2023 Dubai Royal Art Auction

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Habsburg, June 24, 2023 Dubai Royal Art Auction
Auction date: June 24, 2023


1、 Auction Introduction:

Auction Theme: Habsburg 2023 Dubai Royal Art Auction

Auction Date: June 24, 2023

Auction time: 12:00-18:00 (local time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Auction location: Pullman Hotel Dubai River Centre

Hotel Address: PULLMAN DUBAI CREEK CITY CENTRE Baniyas Road, Deira City Centre, PO Box 61871 Dubai

Auction Agency: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

2、 Scope of solicitation:

Auction section: Porcelain section Jade Ware Special Session Calligraphy and Painting Special Session Miscellaneous Special Session Coin Special Session

Deadline: May 15, 2023

Auction Agency: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

3、 Solicitation Procedure:

Send JPG format images as attachments to the solicitation email of our company's customer service department.

Please pay attention to the format and size of the photos sent. It is recommended that each photo should not exceed 500k and each email should not exceed 30MB. The email address is: HBSB1826@hotmail.com Or add the company's official customer service WeChat to send collection image information for review;

Please indicate the detailed information of the collection (diameter, thickness, weight, age, texture, defects, source, etc.) and leave your specific contact information;

If the work meets the shooting requirements after review, we will proactively contact you. At that time, please bring your items and valid identification documents to the company for auction. After the relevant collection is inspected by the business personnel in a reasonable manner, if it meets the auction conditions, the company will sign a commission auction contract with you.
4、 Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Pullman Hotel Dubai River Centre

Dubai, the second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates, is located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula and on the south bank of the Arabian Gulf. With a tropical desert climate climate, it is the center of the Gulf region and is known as the pearl of the Gulf. Dubai's economic strength ranks second in the United Arab Emirates, with around 70% of non oil transactions concentrated in Dubai. Therefore, Dubai is traditionally known as the "trading capital" of the UAE and is also a hub for transit trading in the entire Middle East region.

The continuous supply of oil and important trading port status have brought huge wealth to Dubai, and now Dubai has become synonymous with luxury. At present, in response to China's "civilized Silk Road", countries in the Middle East, Europe and America have developed a strong interest in collecting and investing in China's ancient ceramics, calligraphy and painting, precious ancient furniture, and coins. This has also provided valuable buyer resources for antique art transactions. With the development trend of the "the Belt and Road", Dubai has closer ties with China. Dubai and the western society have more and more strong feelings for Chinese antiques, with a high cultural heritage and awareness of investment collection. According to the statistics of the European Auction Association, more than a quarter of the buyers of Chinese antiques in today's antiques auction transactions are from Dubai.