Mark Shakar (Russian painter)

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Mark Chagall (July 7, 1887- March 28, 1985)

1、 Personal profile
Mark Shakar (July 7, 1887- March 28, 1985), born into a Jewish family in Russia, came from a poor family and was one of the surrealist painters. He was a great figure in modern painting history and a pastoral songwriter who drifted away from all schools of thought such as Impressionism, Cubism, and Abstract Expressionism.
Mark Chagall is a modern artist primarily related to expressionism. Chagall's paintings depict dreamy, symbolic techniques and colors, and the term "surrealism" was created to describe his works.
On October 10, 2020, the first exhibition of "Mark Chagall" in China was held at the Langfang Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition is hosted by the Langfang Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and hosted by the Xinyi Art Museum of the Silk Road International Cultural Exchange Center. It presents a spiritual feast about life, dreams, love, and poetry, crossing history and time to enter the public's artistic life.
2、 Collection of works
The Scenery of Vit Basque
Mark Shakar's work "Scenery of the Witt Basque in Front of the Chair" was completed in 1908 and is now in the collection of Godyev in St. Petersburg. This is an early work by Chagall, depicting the scenery viewed from outside the universe of his residence.
The Witt Basque in Memory
Mark Chagall's work "Me and the Village" was completed in Paris from 1911 to 1912 and is currently housed in the Museum of Modern National Art in New York. Various images from memory are like a kaleidoscope, and two cities appear together in this painting depicting Vit Basque.

Mark Chagall's "Me and the Village"

Mark Chagall's work "Self Portrait with Seven Fingers" was completed between 1912 and 1913 and is currently housed in the City Museum in Amsterdam. In this self portrait, Chagall draws his two most beloved cities together: Vit Basque in the announcement and Paris outside the window.
Mark Chagall's work "The Red Horse" was completed from 1938 to 1944 and is now housed in the Art Museum in Lanant. In fact, the wonderful animals in Chagall's paintings are not just living in a magical world. For example, this horse truly evokes a terrifying atmosphere of war, and this momentum is due to the application of contrasting colors such as red, blue, and green.
Compared to a real person, this green faced violinist looks like a dream character. Because of his incredible height, if he really stands up straight, his head will exceed the top of the painting. Violins have always been a tradition of Jewish believers in Hashedis, playing for birthdays, weddings, and funerals. In many of Chagall's works, the violinist has become a frequently seen guardian angel in mythological stories. In his early days in Paris, Charles began to unfold his memory of rebuilding his hometown of Russia. According to Cubist painters, "The Violinist", like other works by Chagall, presents a kaleidoscope like image.


Works of Mark ChagallThe Scenery of Photography
Mark Shakar's work "The Scenes of Vit Basque Outside the Window" was completed from 1914 to 1945 and is now housed in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. This is a fairly realistic work depicting the scenery outside the window of Chagall's residence. The oil lamps and embroidered curtains inside the window, the view of the garden outside the window, and the distant church of the Vajrask are all carefully depicted, making the entire painting appear as clear as a photographic work.
3、 Self evaluation of works
Chagall's works often depict surreal paintings. Chagall once said, "Many people say that my paintings are poetic, fantastical, and wrong. In fact, on the contrary, my paintings are realistic..."
"I don't like words like 'fantasy' and 'symbolic idea'. In my inner world, everything is real, probably more realistic than the world we witness." Chagall told us that although his art may seem strange, it is based on inner emotions and feelings, not just scribbling out of thin air, but artistic reality.

Works of Mark Chagall

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