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The late autumn has passed, and I wish you good winter.
The 2023 Qatar Royal Art Auction in Habsburg will be held on December 16th at the Radisson Hotel in Doha, Qatar. As the last major auction of the year, it's not just about trading. It is also a visual feast that immerses you in the ocean of art and culture.
This autumn auction has launched more than 1000 art treasures, covering five major events: porcelain from previous dynasties, famous calligraphers and painters, jadeite and jade, Chinese coins, and cultural and miscellaneous items. It can be said that it is a dazzling and colorful collection. An auction, an artistic encounter, inviting you to join in the grand event.

Habsburg 2023 Qatar Royal Art Auction
Auction location: Radisson Hotel Doha, Qatar
Auction time: December 16, 2023, 14:00-20:00 (Qatar time)
Auction Company: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

Pre preview of heavyweight items

Lot 1001
Enamel colored Yu Meiren inscribed poetry bowl made by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty
Specification: H: 11.8cm
Starting price: 56000000 QAR
Collection Description: This bowl has an elegant and upright shape, with rounded and slightly skimmed curved walls. The texture of the body is fine and dense, all as clean as snow. Trekking from the imperial kiln in Jingdezhen to the capital, the palace is exquisitely painted with enamel colors, and the outer wall depicts the beauty of Yu. The yellow self is dignified, the white is timid and blushing, the red is indulging in coquettishness, and the purple is elegant. Among the green leaves, the delicate flowers may contain buds or bloom, and the curved stems sway in the breeze. The stones are half hidden and butterflies linger, rendering the painting delicate as life. The bowl is adorned with three auspicious fruits, making it more clear and elegant. The four character Song Dynasty font with blue material on both sides of the foot frame reads "Made in the Qianlong era". Qianlong enamel and porcelain body painting enamel are the most distinctive and exquisite colored porcelain used by the imperial family in the Qing Dynasty. From the solemn color of Kangxi to the light and elegant style of Yongzheng, to the intricate and luxurious style of Yongrong during Qianlong, enamel, as a colorful material, has been fully utilized in porcelain. Enamel color combines Chinese culture and art with charm, painting the nobility and glory of royal identity. Among the Qing Dynasty palace porcelain, the highest level is enamel color; Among the enamel colors, those with inscriptions on them are extremely precious. So, this bowl belongs to the highest level of Qing porcelain, commonly known as "Gu Yue Xuan".
Lot 1004
Qing Qianlong Blue and White Glazed Red Flower Fruit Pattern Plum Vase
Specification: H: 33cm
Starting price: 21000000 QAR
Collection Description: The Qing Qianlong Blue and White Glazed Red Flower Fruit Pattern Plum Vase is an ancient porcelain with high collection value and historical and cultural value. It was produced during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty (1736-1796), using the decorative technique of blue and white glazed red, depicting various flower and fruit patterns. Its blue and white underglaze red decoration technique is very exquisite, with bright blue and white hair colors and pure underglaze red hair colors. The two colors complement each other, forming a sharp contrast and having high artistic value. The Qing Qianlong blue and white glazed red flower fruit patterned plum vase is one of the outstanding ancient Chinese porcelain, which not only has high collection value, but also an important physical data for studying the production technology and cultural arts of Qing Dynasty porcelain.
Lot 1021
Yuan Dynasty Blue and White Qiu Chuji Meets Genghis Khan's Character Stories and Plum Blossom Vases
Specification: H: 44.2cm D: 5.5cm B: 13cm
Starting price: 60000000 QAR
Collection Description: The blue and white Qiu Chuji saw the story of Genghis Khan in a plum vase, with the abdominal theme decorated with Qiu Chuji's story of Genghis Khan. The auxiliary decorations include miscellaneous treasures, tangled branch lotus, and lotus petal patterns. Although there are multiple levels of decoration, the main and secondary are clear, complex but not chaotic, and integrated. The allusion of decorative patterns originated from Qiu Chuji's successive refusal of political invitations from rulers of the Jin Dynasty and Southern Song Dynasty. However, at the age of 74, he accepted the invitation of Genghis Khan and trekked tens of thousands of miles, heading west to the snowy mountains (now within Afghanistan) to camp and meet the Mongol Khan. The status and political influence of this exercise of Qiu Chuji have been greatly enhanced. In the military camp of Genghis Khan's Western Expedition, Qiu Chuji spent several months with him day and night, repeatedly discussing with him and promoting the ideas of "eliminating violence and killing" and "benefiting the world and the people", enabling the general public to live and work in peace and contentment, which had a certain impact on Genghis Khan's thinking. In today's world, there are very few surviving Yuan blue and white porcelain, and Yuan blue and white porcelain with historical stories as decorative themes is difficult to draw and burn, making it invaluable.

Lot 1106
Qing Qianlong Western Colored Yellow Ground Brocade with Lotus Pattern Double Dragon Ear Bottle
Specification: H: 38.8cm
Starting price: 8000000 QAR
Collection Description: Double Dragon Ear Bottle, with Double Chi Dragon as the ear, and details painted in alum red gold. The outer mouth of the bottle and the outer wall of the ring foot are decorated with alum red and gold colored patterns, which not only match the top and bottom, but also form a unified visual impression on the left and right sides of the neck. The bottleneck is marked with a yellow glazed ground cone and a phoenix tail shaped rolled grass brocade pattern, paired with a yellow earth ocean colored passion flower pattern on the lower tibia of the bottle. Two types of passion flower patterns, one vertical and one wide, are designed to match the local shape of the object, indicating a lack of urgency in the court's legal system. The double layer banana leaf pattern at the bottom of the bottleneck corresponds to the double layer lotus petal pattern at the bottom of the bottle body, standing tall and beautiful. A picture of a hundred children in Changchun is depicted with a bottle shaped view. A group of infants and children gather on the shore of a mountain platform, playing drums and music, dancing lions, dragon and phoenix lights, or firing cannons to celebrate. In the distance, the four children carry four colored fish lanterns, including mackerel, culter, carp, and mandarin fish, high in the mountains, which sounds like "pure and clean". The picture shows the customs of Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) Festival with the elements of lion dance, colored lights and firecrackers, which symbolizes the good fortune of Changchun's hundred children. The baby play picture is a classic Chinese auspicious theme. It first appeared on porcelain and can be seen in the underglaze painted objects of Changsha kilns in the Tang Dynasty. Later, on porcelain from the Song and Jin dynasties, such as Ding kilns, Yaozhou kilns, Jingdezhen kilns, and Cizhou kilns, infant play patterns can be seen using techniques such as carving, printing, and painting. During the Ming Zhengde and Jiajing periods, infant play became a custom pattern for imperial kilns. Later, in the Qing Dynasty, it was favored by Emperor Qianlong and developed into a auspicious theme for imperial calligraphy, painting, and porcelain, accompanied by auspicious names such as Changchun Baizi.
Lot 2001
Xu Beihong's "Immediately"
Specification: 73.5 × 53.5cm
Starting price: 13000000 QAR
Collection description: The person mentioned above is Mr. Hanqing, also known as Zhang Xueliang. Zhang Xueliang (June 3, 1901- October 14, 2001), with the courtesy name Hanqing and the courtesy name Yi'an. General of the Army, Han ethnicity, with ancestral roots in Haicheng, Liaoning.
Currently, it is known that this is the only painting inscribed by Xu Beihong to Zhang Xueliang. It is difficult to find written records on the relationship between Xu and Zhang. So far, we have not found the second painting that Xu Beihong gave to Zhang Xueliang. The poem lines inscribed by Xu Beihong on the painting "Immediately" are very meaningful when compared to the background of Zhang Xueliang's experience at that time.
"Immediately" was painted at the end of 1942 during the Anti Japanese War, when Xu Beihong was living in Guiyang and preparing to leave for Guilin. Marshal Zhang Xueliang has lost his personal freedom for 6 years due to the Xi'an Incident and was imprisoned by Chiang Kai shek in Tongzi, Guizhou. Xu Beihong presented a gift to Zhang Xueliang in the form of an immediate gesture, and under the constraints of form and momentum, it seemed to be ready to be unleashed, with metaphors all in the painting. In his hospitality, he excerpted two lines from Du Shaoling's "Twenty Miscellaneous Poems of Qinzhou": "Lamentation and contemplation of battle, standing tall towards the sky." He wrote, "Mr. Han Qing taught me, and at the end of the Renwu Festival, I mourned and wrote poems about Shaoling in Guiyang.". From the selected themes and the poems inscribed, it can be understood that Xu Beihong had a deep understanding of Zhang Xueliang's state of mind at that time.
Lot 2008
Xu Beihong's "The Painting of Double Steeds of Ancient Cypress"
Specification: 128.5 × 76.3cm
Starting price: 49000000 QAR
Collection Description: The composition of this painting is no longer the main focus, and the two tall ancient cypresses are even more eye-catching. The cypress tree is an evergreen tree that is green all year round, especially in winter. It has become a representative of fighting against cold and snow, fearless of wind and frost, and firm and upright, known as the longest tree. Under the ancient cypress, two horses bent down to search for food, exuding a graceful and tranquil demeanor, exuding a sense of transcendence. As Xu Zhongnian said, Xu Beihong, like him, immediately avoids vulgarity and represents the soul of Beihong the most. Xu Beihong's borrowing of horses to express emotions and emotions, these two horses are outlined with lines, but they do not lose all solid contours. They are only roughly outlined at the back, belly, legs, and neck of the horse, with a focus on volume and block shape; The mane and tail of the horse are painted with calligraphy to enhance the ethereal and dynamic spirit; The swaying grass has no hooves, adding a touch of humor to the scene.
Lot 3001
Qing Dynasty Jade Lotus Bowl with Purple Sandalwood Base
Specification: H: 10.5cm W: 19cm WT: 600g
Starting price: 1050000 QAR
Collection Description: The Qing Dynasty jade lotus bowl is a type of bowl made of jade and is commonly used for decoration and collection. Jasper is a precious type of jade, named after its green color. In the Qing Dynasty, jade was widely used to make jade artifacts, including various utensils such as bowls, plates, cups, and pots. These jade artifacts not only have practical value, but also have high artistic and collectible value. During the Qing Dynasty, jade lotus bowls were usually carved using techniques such as relief and transparent carving. The bowl body was carved with patterns such as lotus flowers and lotus leaves, symbolizing auspiciousness and beauty. These lotus bowls are exquisitely shaped and exquisitely crafted, making them excellent pieces of ancient Chinese jade.
Lot 3013
Ice seed full green Guanyin pendant
Specification: D: 8.9cm
Starting price: 8800000 QAR
Collection Description: The Ice Full Green Guanyin pendant is a precious jade ornament with extremely high quality, beauty, elegance, spirituality, and investment value.
Lot 3015
Natural Spring Ribbon Colored Jade Dragon Head Bracelet
Specification: C: 5.3cm D: 6.6cm T: 0.9cm
Starting price: 900000 QAR
Collection Description: Jade is known as the supreme glory of the "Jade King". It comes from a beautiful realm and is a favored elf by creators. It is also famous worldwide for representing the orthodoxy of Chinese literati jade and stone collections. Among them, the top-notch jade bracelet is intoxicating, thanks to its delicate and dense texture, as well as its translucent and dripping transparency. Jade is like capturing light in it and then reflecting it evenly, like a pool of clear water, flowing and rippling. In recent years, with the turbulent situation in Myanmar and the deepening of mining, the jadeite mines have become increasingly depleted. In addition, top-notch jadeite raw materials are rare and hard to come by.
Lot 4001
Cao Kunwen's Constitution Establishment Commemorative Coin Gold Sample Coin
Specification: D: 3.9cm WT: 37g
Starting price: 6000000 QAR
Collection Description: The commemorative coin for the establishment of the Constitution featuring Cao Kun's character was minted by the Beiyang government in 1923 to commemorate Cao Kun's appointment as the President of the Beiyang government. It is divided into two types: silver and gold. The gold sample coin is the same as the silver sample coin. The commemorative gold sample coin is almost unparalleled in the Chinese series, but due to its rarity, it is rare on the market.
Lot 4054
Xuantong Year Made Qing Dynasty Silver Coin One Yuan Long Beaded Dragon
Specification: D: 3.9cm WT: 27g
Starting price: 1800000 QAR
Collection Description: Trial minted by the Tianjin Mint in 1911, not yet issued. It is the most popular edition of the silver main coin series in the third year of the Xuantong reign, except for the "Short bearded Dragon". This deeply engraved, exquisitely crafted coin is rare in the world.

Lot 5084
Squirrel Grape Pile Pot
Starting price: 900000 QAR
Collection Description: The Squirrel Grape Pile Pot is a flower pot art masterpiece created by the author based on the theme of squirrel grapes. The body of the pot is shaped like a tree stump, with mottled nodules and a standing posture. It is rough and finely carved. The pot is coiled around grape branches, with squirrels and hidden dew, playing among the vines. The vines are winding and vigorous, with uneven and wrinkled leaves and clear veins. The three curved mouths and the winding vines echo each other, and the muscles and veins stretch through the air. The lid is tightly fitted with a set of grape branches and leaves, creating a vivid and vivid image. The pot body pursues artistic meaning, combining virtual and real elements, with branches, leaves, grapes, and squirrels intertwined and echoing. The whole pot is made of pure purple clay, which symbolizes the auspicious meaning of "purple qi auspiciousness". Overall, although the decoration of the pot body is complex, it is not scattered. The picture shows squirrels playing among the vines, coveting delicious grapes, making people feel an auspicious, festive, and fun relaxed and joyful state.

Lot 5248
In the first year of the Hongwu reign of the Ming Shou Shan Tian Huang Zhi Bao, the Ministry of Internal Affairs made a seal
Specification: WT: 2566g H: 11.5cm W: 11.5cm
Starting price: 19000000 QAR
Collection Description: The first year of Hongwu was a reign title of the Ming Dynasty, dating back to 1368 AD. If the "Ming Shoushan Tian Huang Zhi Bao Hongwu Year Internal Affairs Office Made Seal" mentioned by you is a real existence, then it may be a seal manufactured by the Internal Affairs Office in the first year of Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty, using Shoushan Tian Huang Shi as the raw material. Shoushan Tianhuang Stone is a precious seal stone produced in Shoushan Village, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It is highly praised for its delicate texture, rich colors, and unique texture.

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