Ten kilogram gold commemorative coin for the Year of 1898

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Ten kilogram gold commemorative coin for the Year of 1898

Auction Information

Product:Ten kilogram gold commemorative coin for the Year of 1898


Starting Price:RMB 4,500,000

Transaction Price:RMB 9,775,000

Specification:Diameter 180mm, face value 100000 yuan, weight 10 kilograms

Auction Time:22-Dec-Fri

Auction Company:Shanghai Kuangshi


Diameter: 180mm, face value: 100000 yuan, weight: 10 kilograms, fineness: 99.9%, maximum circulation: 18 pieces, issue number 005, refined. Front: The national emblem of the People's Republic of China, with the country name and year number printed. On the back: Realistic dog design with decorative dog patterns, and printed with the face value and the words "Wuxu".
In order to commemorate the arrival of the Year of the Dog in 2018, the People's Bank of China will issue a 10kg gold commemorative coin in November 2017, which is the legal tender of the People's Republic of China, issued by the People's Bank of China and minted by Shenzhen Guobao Mint Co., Ltd.
The dog ranks eleventh in the twelve zodiac signs, and belongs to the "Xu" category along with the twelve earthly rulers. The "Xu" category in the twelve hours is between 7-9 pm. Dogs were one of the earliest domesticated animals by humans, a friend of humanity in times of adversity, and are considered to be human beings. They are particularly loyal to humans and therefore have unwavering significance. It also has symbolic significance of augmenting good fortune and eliminating evil spirits and disasters.
The "realistic dog" shape of the gold and silver commemorative coin of 2018 China's 1898 (Dog) Year depicts the image of a standing dog with a straight chest and head raised and roaring up to the sky in a very realistic way, and shows the original state of the dog in life with a simple and true shape effect. This realistic dog design showcases a vibrant vitality, overall strength, and romantic momentum, conveying the local spirit of the Chinese nation and embodying the bold, pure, passionate, and brave humanistic emotions of the Chinese nation in the image of the zodiac dog.
The designer also used simple and gentle lines to create a freehand dog shape, using traditional Chinese line drawing techniques to depict the dog's head. With simple and simple lines and line relief, the shape curve of the dog's head is outlined, demonstrating a sense of elegance, beauty, and unrestrained beauty. The outline is treated with abstract decoration, perfectly highlighting the appearance characteristics of the dog's head standing on the ear, protruding kiss, and tongue, forming a touching silhouette.
When they are combined, the carved block surface of the realistic dog shape can be white, and the line changes of the freehand dog shape can be black and black and white. Through concrete and abstract representation, a complete zodiac dog image is presented. This transformation enriches the visual communication of gold and silver coins, and their composition and combination are like the yin and yang in Tai Chi, contradictory but complementary.