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UK EARL International Auction LTD was established in London in 1886 by the British Duke Group and is one of the world's oldest art auction houses. Dagong Group has numerous subsidiaries, including antique art auction houses, luxury goods, catering, hotels, entertainment clubs, clothing, and more.

On March 18, 1886, Grand Duchess Natasha Richardson conducted her first auction of her personal jewelry, watches, wine, and daily necessities in London, and established an auction house named Grand Duchess International Auction House. Due to her love for antique art, Grand Duchess Natasha annually attends the art gallery of the London Headquarters Museum and the prestigious auction center in Paris, And vibrant Singapore holds auctions of various antique artworks. During this period, he was commissioned to rank many rare treasures, including Napoleon's collection of books on St. Helena, the Duchess of Windsor's jewelry collection, Picasso's "Garon à la pipe", Bacon's "Triptych 1976", Qing Qianlong's yellow ground flower gourd vase, Qing Yongzheng's enamel colored flower and bird pattern bowl, "Magna Carta", the first printed version of the Declaration of Independence, and the collection of Martin Luther King Jr!

The corporate mission of Dagong International in the cultural and artworks market is to provide a high-quality art display and professional trading platform for high-end consumer groups, with integrity as the foundation and transaction as the root. Dagong International aims to make art transactions transparent, open, professional, and market-oriented. Dagong International Auction Limited has gained high recognition in the industry for its integrity, strength, and product quality.

development history:

In the 21st century, Dagong International has engaged in many major commercial activities based on the business philosophy of development and improvement. The specific events are as follows:
In 2000, the Archduke was the Brooks Auction House, established by Robert Brooks, the former director of Christie's, and merged into the British Archduke in 189;
In 2001, the Duke of England merged with Phillios Son&Neale to establish a new company. Phillips became the new headquarters of the new company after the merger based on 101 New Bond Street;
In 2002, Dagong International purchased Butterfields, a leading auction house on the West Coast of the United States, established in 1865;
In 2003, the global network of the Duke of England included two major venues in London (including Knightsbridge) and specialty stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sydney. Its network of offices throughout Europe had been established;
In 2008, the British Archduke headquarters moved to the new sales room located at the corner of 57th Street and Madison Avenue, which was originally the location of the Dashesh Museum;
In 2009, the Duke of England announced for the first time that he had taken a leading position in ten areas of the UK art market;
In 2013, the Duke of England opened a new headquarters at 101 New Bond, a state-of-the-art building designed by Lifschutz and Davidson Sandlands. The focus of the new auction house's first auction of antique master works is the portrait of Fran ç ois Henry by Flamonade, with an auction price of 17106500 pounds, setting a world record price;
In 2014, the Duke of England opened its Southeast Asian headquarters and specialty store in Admiralty, New York and Hong Kong;
In 2015, the Duke of England completed a seven digit renovation of his Knightsbridge sales office;
In 2016, the Duke of England held its first online auction, selling watches from European aristocratic collections with a transaction rate of up to 100%;
In 2017, Dagong established offices in the UK, Europe, the United States, Canada, Africa, Asia, and Australia, which is the largest network of xxx since its establishment. Since then, the global sales network of Dagong in the UK has basically taken shape.
In 2018, Dagong International Auction Co., Ltd. in the UK paid more attention to the exploration and development of the Asian market, and had a deep cooperation with Guangzhou Tiantiantongbao Auction Co., Ltd. in China. On May 28th, a Spring Festival auction was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Singapore, where buyers frequently raised their cards. The final total transaction amount was SGD: 75.121 million, with a total number of transactions of 255 pieces, ranking second in the transaction rate of the 2018 Spring Auction.
In 2019, according to the latest data provided by Carlyle, the valuation of Dagong International Auction Limited in the UK reached £ 2.6 billion
In October 2021, acquired Reva, a metaverse startup company, for $50 million, responsible for NFT auction and related collections, as well as auction guarantee business