David Auction Limited, UK

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Da Wei De Auction Limited was established in the 20th and 1960s in the UK. It was established in London, the capital city of the UK, with full funding from the Greater Vader China Art Foundation. Located in large cities in Europe and a powerful financial center in the world, the company has a registered capital of £ 5 million (GBP). It is one of the top ten auction companies in the world.

In the early stage, Da Wei De only auctioned its own collections from the Da Wei De Foundation. In the later stage, in line with the development of the times, it moved to China in 2014 and established an auction venue liaison office in Shanghai to meet the needs of Asian business development. The Shanghai office mainly serves customers in China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, South Korea, Indonesia, and Singapore.
With hundreds of years of operational experience, Great Vader UK has always been committed to art evaluation, appraisal, and valuation services, which are simple, convenient, and comprehensive. Our international team can provide valuation services for over 80 types of products. 1032 art auctions have been held in London, UK, with Chinese art auctions accounting for about 45%.

Da Wei De Auction Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive auction company approved by the British government, mainly engaged in the management of cultural relics and artworks from China and Western countries. The auction brings together rare artworks, watches, jewelry, cars, and wines from around the world. Regular spring and autumn large-scale auctions and special events are held every year. The company has offices in Shanghai, the UK, and other regions. Through the efforts of the Great Vader Auction in the UK, many national treasures may flow from the public to important collection institutions; At the same time, various projects have continuously broken through records of high prices for regional and global art auctions. In addition, it also provides private fidelity negotiation services.
Great Vader Auction in the UK - one of the first batch and continuously rated as a AAA level high qualification auction enterprise in the UK, and awarded the title of trustworthy enterprise by the government's industrial and commercial administration department. Great Vader has long actively participated in charitable donations and supported public welfare activities such as art education.

Since its establishment, Davidson has always adhered to the professional spirit of "truth is the first, honesty is the foundation of the business". It has been continuously rated by the UK Auction Industry Association as the "UK Standard, Integrity and Performance Excellent Auction Enterprise" and the "World Top 10 Auction Enterprises", and has been awarded titles such as "Advanced Enterprise in Social Responsibility Construction" and "Key Service Industry Enterprise in the UK" by the UK government. And has been awarded the title of "cultural heritage" and "brand value" auction enterprise by multiple authoritative media outlets in Hong Kong, China, North America, the UK, and Macau.