Habsburg Autumn Auction │ Singapore 2023 Chinese Treasures and Artworks Auction - Appreciation of Hotan Jade and Rare Stones

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Hotan Jade Stone is formed on the snow line of Kunlun Mountain at an altitude of more than 5000 meters, which is hidden in the harsh geological environment. It has been weathered, metamorphosed, crust, acid etching, wind, frost, rain and snow all the way down, stumbling, sharpening and tenacious. Falling on the riverbank, after millions of years of exposure to sunlight, rain, and wind and frost, it becomes a mountain stream and water falls into the river channel. For many years, day and night, this mixed effect of time changes and geological forces makes it increasingly warm, delicate, transparent, and ripe.

Qishi is an ornamental stone characterized by natural beauty. Its own naturalness, that is, no one processes, modifies or carves it, is one of the most important standards that distinguishes it from other ornamental stones; Hotan Jade has the most spiritual aura. Rather, it has never left the Han culture. It is because of its cultural roots that Hotan Jade has flourished for thousands of years and has never left us.
Qishi is a precious treasure left by nature that is difficult to regenerate. Qishi collection has been popular in China for a long time and has formed a Qishi culture based on Qishi as a carrier. Stone was originally unintentional, and the various cultural matrices formed by humans have added humanistic strength and color to it, reflecting the rich cultural connotations of humanity.


Title of Qishi:
Being content and always happy "," The River Flows Long "," The Picture of Tang Yin Watching the Waterfall "," The River and Mountains Are Forever Solid "," Xunzi's Persuasion on Learning: Accumulating Small Flows from a Thousand Miles to Forming a River and Sea "
Specification: WT: 28.6g
Contentment and Joy
People's pursuit of the natural way of heaven is perfectly reflected in landscape painting. A landscape painting brings people spiritual enjoyment and soul vibration, far surpassing flower and bird painting and figure painting.
The artistic conception is a characteristic of landscape painting, with a pursuit of "realm" from emotion to character. Painting landscape emphasizes the importance of "imitating nature", focusing on creating and elevating the environment. Both painting and watching the painting should be present in the environment, and develop towards a deeper level of aesthetic activity. Firstly, one should be close to nature, return to nature, and integrate with nature, achieving a new level of subjective and objective world and constantly advancing with the times, which is called novelty. The second is to subtly immerse oneself in the profound realm of true, divine, and wonderful realms, cultivate sentiment, purify the soul, and achieve the sublimation of spiritual realm!

Treasure "Being content always brings joy"
Natural art Hotan Jade natural landscape painting, natural foot Yazi pictographic jade and strange stones appreciation.
The entire shape is a foot. The whiteness reaches sheepskin, the blackness is ink grade, delicate and oily, with strong powder and fat content. It is ripe, refreshing and clean.
The material type is complete without cotton, cracks, or grain. A little refreshing. The proportion of black and white pairs is approximately half.

Content and Joy: "The River Flows Long"
The Painting of Tang Yin Watching the Waterfall in 'Being Satisfied and Happy'
Content and Joy: The River and Mountains Are Forever
Inner side of foot:
The Painting of High Mountains and Long Rivers in 'Content and Joy'
The Painting of Tang Yin Watching the Waterfall in 'Being Satisfied and Happy'
The entire screen structure is reasonable, with a distinct theme and a strong sense of three-dimensional effect. The layers of mountains, water, clouds, fog, and rocks are distinct, with a waterfall in the middle pouring down the river, making the finishing point. The central river water is left blank, giving people ample natural imagination space and artistic tension. Extremely artistic. Qingshan and reef rocks are static, while waterfalls and clouds are dynamic. The sparkling water surface combines motion and stillness. The black and white color of the raw stone seed material blue and white, the solid shape of the feet, and the dynamic extension of the thousand mile walk all demonstrate the simple philosophy of Yi Li, which embodies the principles of Tai Chi, Yin and Yang, life, two, two, three, and all things. Even the most famous painters of all ages can't draw landscapes in Hotan Yuli.
Heaven made and earth made. God, this is a gift from heaven. Named 'contentment always brings joy'.

Top view of feet standing inward

Foot Yazi Bottom: "Being content and always happy" - "Walking smoothly through the clouds"

Top view of lying on the side of the foot

Being content and always happy - 'Stepping to the Green Clouds'
Content and Joy: Three Inch Golden Lotus
The picture is refreshing, with clear mountains, clouds, and sky, and intricate layers. The entire ink painting of black mountains, blue sky, and dark clouds is consistent with the flat feet and bottom of the foot. It is named "Smooth Steps and Green Clouds" in "Content and Joy".

Top view of the instep side
The entire foot has a unique, clever, and humorous shape. At first glance, the appearance of a foot is speechless. Take a closer look at a woman's small feet, delicate, small, exquisite, transparent, cute, pleasing, and auspicious.
This unique Hotan Jade stone is very unique, rare and rare. It is a natural work of art. Foot Yazi symbolizes humanity, landscape painting symbolizes nature, and the entire strange stones are transported and changed by nature. Foot Yazi walks through the time and space of mountains and rivers, symbolizing human history, Taoism, and nature. It integrates the best of landscape painting, Hotan Jade and rare stones, and is extremely precious.
Realistic significance: It has great artistic value, humanistic value, game value, viewing value, investment value, and collection value.

Combined with the implication of Hotan Jade strange stones:
Mountains serve as a support, water serves as wealth, clouds, fog, and reefs. Business is thriving and life is colorful. Waterfalls, rivers, rivers, and seas flow, and wealth rolls in.
The Painting of Tang Yin Watching the Waterfall
Down to earth
High Mountains and Long Rivers
The Long Flow of the River
The picturesque scenery of the river and mountains
Concrete and abstract meaning: "Rivers and mountains are forever fixed" (rivers and mountains are fixed to Hotan Yuli like paintings)
Philosophical significance: "Xunzi's Persuasion on Learning: Accumulating Small Steps to a Thousand Miles and Forming Rivers and Seas"

If there is a natural artwork that is of great value, has not yet been widely recognized by people, has broad appreciation space, profound cultural heritage, long-term investment potential, currently has opportunities for everyone, has very few surviving quantities, cannot be replicated, is extremely easy to preserve, and has the most cross-border functions of appreciation, playing, painting, art, carving, investment, and collection, then what is it?
Successful, desirable, and destined individuals.