Franz: Marc (1880-1916) "The Fox" by 1913

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Franz: Marc (1880-1916) "The Fox" by 1913

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Product:Franz: Marc (1880-1916) "The Fox" by 1913


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Specification:88.3 x 66.4 cm

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Franz Marc's "The Fox" is a masterpiece of modernism, filled with vivid colors and prismatic forms. It was created in 1913, when the German expressionism movement was at its peak. It was the most successful painting in a series of visionary paintings of the revolutionary artist's pioneering and career, depicting animals immersed in the natural environment.
In Mark's final year of artistic activities before his premature death in World War I, this painting showcased the bold evolution of his unique idioms, adding color to several great collectibles throughout his life. The most recent one was the Dusseldorf Museum in Kunster Platt, which was later returned to the heirs of Kurt and Els Grave. This vibrant work is marked by a rich inner tension, representing the pinnacle of this artist's extraordinary formal style in the years before the war. With his unique perspective, he combines multiple influences and achieves a harmonious unity of the universe and spirit in his work.
These foxes describe a seemingly idyllic scene, in which two foxes interweave with colorful mutual penetration and kaleidoscope patterns of intersecting lines, which illustrates the important development in Mark's works during this period. 1913 was the penultimate year of one of the boldest and most revolutionary eras in art history, and the seismic transformation that changed creative thinking since the early 20th century reached an extraordinary new height. From French Cubism and Russians, Italian futurists, Russian lighters, and German Dibruk and De Broughter movements, the European avant-garde has reached the peak of bold innovation in these years.