June 22, 2024 Singapore China Collection Art Auction

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On June 22, 2024, the Singapore China Collection Art Auction was a hot event
●Organized by: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
●Solicitation deadline: May 10, 2024
●Auction time: June 22, 2024
●Auction location: Banquet Hall, 4th Floor, Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Center, Singapore
● Collection category:
Chinese calligraphy and painting, jadeite jade ware, ancient porcelain, gold and silver bronze ware, bamboo, wood and stone carvings, stationery and miscellaneous items, coins and stamps, classical furniture
● Solicitation process:
Send JPG format images as attachments to the solicitation email of our company's customer service department
Please pay attention to the format and size of sending photos. It is recommended that each photo should not exceed 500k and each email should not exceed 30MB. The email address is: HBSB1826@hotmail.com Or add the company's official customer service WeChat to send collection image information for review;
Please indicate the detailed information of the collection (diameter, thickness, weight, age, texture, defects, source, etc.) and leave your specific contact information;
If the work meets the shooting requirements after review, we will proactively contact you. At that time, please bring your items and valid identification documents to the company for auction. After the relevant collection is inspected by the business personnel in a reasonable manner, if it meets the auction conditions, the company will sign a commission auction contract with you.
●Collection delivery:
Step 1: Add the company's official customer service WeChat message (HBSB1826), indicating your name, phone number, collection image, and delivery intention.
Step 2: The manager of the collection office will preliminarily review whether the collection images meet the basic requirements for taking photos. If they meet the requirements, they will communicate the details of taking photos with you in detail through phone or WeChat.
Step 3: Collection Review: Image Review, Physical Review
Step 4: The solicitation department will confirm the bidding process with you over the phone

● Previous review 
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03 September 30, 2023 Singapore 2023 Singapore China Rare Art Auction SGD 113,613 million 50.33%

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