Battle Report | Habsburg 2023 Qatar Royal Art Treasure Auction, Autumn Auction with Abundant Fruits!

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Auction site

Auction site

The 2023 Qatari Autumn Auction in Habsburg has come to a successful conclusion, featuring five special events and over a thousand precious items, with a total transaction value of 2.96 billion riyals (approximately 5.8 billion RMB). The high prices of this auction are frequent and exciting!
The first one to lift the hammer was the porcelain plate enamel colored Yu Meiren inscribed poem bowl made by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. This bowl started with 56 million rials and was later sold for 62 million rials, marking the first successful start of the Qatari autumn auction in Habsburg.
Among them, the Qing Yongzheng pink jade pot spring vase with a pattern of living and working in peace and contentment led the auction. At the auction site, this bottle started at 40 million rials and after intense bidding from collectors, it was finally sold for 95 million rials, becoming the highest price of the auction.
Exciting Product Review

Lot 1009 Qing Qianlong Pink Nine Peach Heavenly Ball Bottle
Specification: H: 51cm
Starting price: 28000000 QAR
Transaction price: 68000000 QAR
Collection Description: The Qianlong Pink Nine Peach Heavenly Ball Bottle is an early work of Qianlong. Its painting, color, and style are different from the works of Qianlong's heyday, while also having many similarities with the works of Yongzheng period. In this exhibition, we also borrowed a rare Eight Peach Heavenly Ball bottle from the Yongzheng period for the audience to compare and appreciate.

Lot 1021 Yuan Dynasty Blue and White Qiu Chuji Meets Genghis Khan's Character Story Plum Vase
Specification: H: 44.2cm D: 5.5cm B: 13cm
Starting price: 60000000 QAR
Transaction price: 72000000 QAR
Collection Description: The blue and white Qiu Chuji saw the story of Genghis Khan in a plum vase, with the abdominal theme decorated with Qiu Chuji's story of Genghis Khan. The auxiliary decorations include miscellaneous treasures, tangled branch lotus, and lotus petal patterns. Although there are multiple levels of decoration, the main and secondary are clear, complex but not chaotic, and integrated. The allusion of decorative patterns originated from Qiu Chuji's successive refusal of political invitations from rulers of the Jin Dynasty and Southern Song Dynasty. However, at the age of 74, he accepted the invitation of Genghis Khan and trekked tens of thousands of miles, heading west to the snowy mountains (now within Afghanistan) to camp and meet the Mongol Khan. The status and political influence of this exercise of Qiu Chuji have been greatly enhanced. In the military camp of Genghis Khan's Western Expedition, Qiu Chuji spent several months with him day and night, repeatedly discussing with him and promoting the ideas of "eliminating violence and killing" and "benefiting the world and the people", enabling the general public to live and work in peace and contentment, which had a certain impact on Genghis Khan's thinking. In today's world, there are very few surviving Yuan blue and white porcelain, and Yuan blue and white porcelain with historical stories as decorative themes is difficult to draw and burn, making it invaluable.

Lot 1136 Qing Yongzheng Pink Stained Jade Pot Spring Bottle
Specification: 34 × 21cm
Starting price: 44000000 QAR
Transaction price: 95000000 QAR

·Calligraphy and painting

Lot 2008 Xu Beihong's "The Painting of Ancient Cypress with Two Steeds"
Specification: 128.5 × 76.3cm
Starting price: 49000000 QAR
Transaction price: 55000000 QAR
Collection Description: The composition of this painting is no longer the main focus, and the two tall ancient cypresses are even more eye-catching. The cypress tree is an evergreen tree that is green all year round, especially in winter. It has become a representative of fighting against cold and snow, fearless of wind and frost, and firm and upright, known as the longest tree. Under the ancient cypress, two horses bent down to search for food, exuding a graceful and tranquil demeanor, exuding a sense of transcendence. As Xu Zhongnian said, Xu Beihong, like him, immediately avoids vulgarity and represents the soul of Beihong the most. Xu Beihong's borrowing of horses to express emotions and emotions, these two horses are outlined with lines, but they do not lose all solid contours. They are only roughly outlined at the back, belly, legs, and neck of the horse, with a focus on volume and block shape; The mane and tail of the horse are painted with calligraphy to enhance the ethereal and dynamic spirit; The swaying grass has no hooves, adding a touch of humor to the scene.

Lot 2093 Qing Dynasty Qianlong Lang Shining painted the "Joyful Picture of Yuanmingyuan in December of Yongzheng" (Twelve Blocks)
Specification: Specification: 40 × 70cm × twelve
Starting price: 80000000 QAR
Transaction price: 80000000 QAR
Collection Description: This set of panel paintings consists of twelve pieces, depicting the scene of Yongzheng and his children sharing the joy of family in the Old Summer Palace through enamel painting. The content is presented over a period of twelve months, with grand scenes, characters and buildings seamlessly integrated, and delicate paintings without any mistakes. The board painting has a pure white and firm texture, a tight structure, delicate like jade, and a creamy and moist glaze that emits a solemn and elegant royal atmosphere. The processing method with a ginger yellow tone as the main theme boldly conveys the concept held by emperors throughout history that "under the sky, there is nothing but royal soil". All of this demonstrates the basic characteristics possessed by the imperial kilns of the Qing Dynasty. The twelve enamel colored porcelain panel paintings showcase the scenery of the Old Summer Palace, giving us a glimpse of its former true appearance that has disappeared. The invasion of the Eight Nation Alliance made it impossible for the Old Summer Palace to revive again. However, people can appreciate the greatness of ancient Chinese horticultural engineering through this set of porcelain paintings. The classic architecture in the Old Summer Palace may be forever preserved in the minds of Chinese people. (Note: Comes with a mahogany frame at the back)

Lot 2164 Wang Hui's Scroll of Tang Poetry
Specification: 42.5 × 505cm
Starting price: 44000000 QAR
Transaction price: 45000000 QAR
Collection Description: This picture by Wang Hui depicts the scenery of Jiangnan. At first, the plain forest is clear and open, with continuous slopes and peaks, shallow sand and distant water, and distant sky and sunset. Between the slopes, the winding path leads to the gradual rise of the mountains, and the village houses are reflected among the lush trees. On the path, people and riders come and go, and at the end of the blue stream, there are crows returning to gather. In the evening mist, the hills and ridges are steep, layered with ravines and rocks, meandering with a majestic momentum. During this time, the trees and pine trees are lush, and the mountain temples are secluded. Beneath them, the lotus flowers send incense, and the plain fields are far apart. The great river and the green mountains are far away but never see their end. At the end, it ended with a sunset and intentionally brought peace to the environment. I wrote it in Gengyin, which was in the 49th year of Kangxi's reign, and Shigu was 79 years old. At that time, the world was peaceful, and Shigu was also known as Zhennei. The world and mentality can be seen in the painting. In its postscript, it claims to be "conceptualizing management, feeling a sense of harmony and freedom between the wrists, and those who appreciate it should be able to calm down.". It can be seen from his leisurely painting and his contentment after painting. After the scroll, Chen Shifan praised him for "using the pen of the Yuan Dynasty to write Tang Dynasty poetry, expressing the lack of substance and spirit, and not lacking in its true interest." He also praised him for "being outstanding and refined in his ink techniques, even though he imitated the various systems of the camp and hills, it was almost not an exaggeration." However, compared to Li Cheng, he said that using the pen and ink of the Yuan Dynasty to write the hills and valleys of the Northern Song Dynasty was "appropriate to call it a god." Chen's evaluation of the essence is not lacking. This volume is recorded in the "Continuation of Shiqu Treasure Collection" and is an old relic of the Qing Palace. It was later carried by Puyi to the puppet Manchuria and scattered among the people. Perfectly preserved, it is the most exquisite product in Shigu paintings.
·Jade ware

Lot 3013 Ice Full Green Guanyin Pendant
Specification: D: 8.9cm
Starting price: 8800000 QAR
Transaction price: 900000 QAR
Collection Description: The Ice Full Green Guanyin pendant is a precious jade ornament with extremely high quality, beauty, elegance, spirituality, and investment value.

Lot 3015 Natural Spring Ribbon Colored Jade Dragon Head Bracelet
Specification: C: 5.3cm D: 6.6cm T: 0.9cm
Starting price: 900000 QAR
Transaction price: 9200000 QAR
Collection Description: Jade is known as the supreme glory of the "Jade King". It comes from a beautiful realm and is a favored elf by creators. It is also famous worldwide for representing the orthodoxy of Chinese literati jade and stone collections. Among them, the top-notch jade bracelet is intoxicating, thanks to its delicate and dense texture, as well as its translucent and dripping transparency. Jade is like capturing light in it and then reflecting it evenly, like a pool of clear water, flowing and rippling. In recent years, with the turbulent situation in Myanmar and the deepening of mining, the jadeite mines have become increasingly depleted. In addition, top-notch jadeite raw materials are rare and hard to come by.

Lot 3034 inlaid with full diamond imperial green
Specification: L: 8cm W: 5cm WT: 60g
Starting price: 4400000 QAR
Transaction price: 5800000 QAR


Lot 4002 Commemorative Silver and Gold Sample Coins for the Establishment of the Constitution of Cao Kun's Armed Statue in 1923
Specification: D: 3.9cm WT: 37g
Starting price: 6000000 QAR
Transaction price: 6000000 QAR
Collection Description: A commemorative silver and gold sample coin commemorating the establishment of the Cao Kun Armed Statue Constitution in 1923. This coin is minted in an extremely precise and standardized manner, with exquisite and deep craftsmanship. The portrait is vivid and lifelike, with delicate and vivid details, three-dimensional patterns, strong relief, and extremely clear details. It has a top-notch appearance and is extremely rare. The portrait coin is highly regarded and loved by collectors, and is worth cherishing and valuing.

Lot 4003 Qing Dynasty Gold Coin Vault Pingliang One or Two Gold Samples Produced in the Bingwu Year of Guangxu reign
Specification: D: 3.9cm WT: 37g
Starting price: 5800000 QAR
Transaction price: 6000000 QAR
Collection Description: In the Bingwu year of the Guangxu reign, one or two sample coins of the Qing Dynasty were minted at the Tianjin Mint of the Ministry of Revenue in 1906. It was the first gold coin produced in China under the name of the central government and the only one during the Qing Dynasty. Due to the insufficient gold reserves of the Qing government and the absence of a gold standard system, it was not issued, and only the sample coins of the Bingwu and Dingwei years are seen in the world, both of which are very rare.

Lot 4009 Zhang Zuolin's Military Costume Statue with Dragon and Phoenix on the Back, Fu Tu, Five Ten Yuan Gold Coin Sample Coins
Specification: D: 2.8cm
Starting price: 4300000 QAR
Transaction price: 4500000 QAR

Lot 5150 Song Yuan Zhongni style Tiger Roar Qin made of cedar wood
Specification: L: 124cm
Starting price: 23000000 QAR
Transaction price: 38000000 QAR
Collection description: 124cm in length, 114cm in hidden space, 20cm in shoulder width, 15cm in tail width, and 5.5cm in thickness. Above the Dragon Pool is engraved the two characters "Tiger Roar" in clerical script, and next to the Na Yin of the Dragon Pool is engraved the inscription "Made by Zhu Zhiyuan in Chicheng" in clerical script.
"The Tiger Roar Qin, in the Zhongni style, is made of cedar wood. The body of the qin is wide and heavy, with a chestnut valley colored paint and thick gray paint, with colored stone fragments in between. It is known as the Eight Treasures Sand. The belly of a large snake is broken, and there is a mixture of fine and dense flowing water. The Longchi Na Yin is engraved with a clerical script inscription 'Made by Zhu Zhiyuan from Chicheng'. The sound quality is ancient and simple, and the charm is long."
Lot 5151 Emperor Huizong of the Northern Song Dynasty made a qin with the inscription "Songshi Jian Yi" from Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty
Specification: L:122cm W:19cm
Starting price: 41000000 QAR
Transaction price: 41000000 QAR
The "Songshi Jian Yi" qin was produced by the "Guanqin Bureau" in Tokyo (now Kaifeng) in the second year of the Xuanhe reign of the Northern Song Dynasty (1120), and is known as a "treasure of the heavenly realm". The instrument is made in strict accordance with the ancient instrument system, with wutong on the upper plate and catalpa on the lower plate. A large paint mixed with deer antler powder, cinnabar, gold, and silver particles. This qin has a very long body, with a concave crescent shape on the neck and waist, and a protruding crescent shape at the intersection. The pond and swamp are all rectangular.

Lot 5152
Specification: Fuxi style qin with the Tang Dynasty's "Great Sage's Legacy Sound"
Starting price: 34000000 QAR
Transaction price: 34000000 QAR
Collection Description: This "Great Saint's Legacy Sound" Guqin is in the Fuxi style, with a tung wood body, deer antlers painted in sand and gray, purple as a chestnut shell, a golden emblem and jade spear, a round dragon pond, and a flat round phoenix swamp. The strings below the seven badges are exposed in black, with snake belly creases throughout the body, fine creases in the middle, and ice creases on the forehead. On the round pond, there are four characters engraved in cursive script: "The Great Sage's Legacy Sound". In the pond, there are four characters engraved in clerical script: "Zhide Bingshen" in the four corners of the upper and lower corners. On both sides of the pond, there are sixteen characters engraved in clerical script: "Yiyang Tongzhi, Kongsang Caicai, Fengming Autumn Moon, Hewu Yaotai". Under the pond, there are two seals: "Difficult Learning" and "Yuzhen", all of which are painted in gold except for the year.

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