Habsburg 2023 Dubai Royal Art Auction 【 Miscellaneous Treasures Recommendation 】

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Summer is scorching, the sun is scorching, and it's time to gather again. Welcome to Dubai, one of the most futuristic cities in the world. The theme of this auction is "promoting classical art and Chinese culture", promoting classics, pursuing excellence, and revisiting classical Chinese civilization.
More than 471 artworks participated in this auction, including a total of 5 special events, including Chinese porcelain, Chinese jade, Chinese calligraphy and painting, coins, and miscellaneous items. Everyone enters this large-scale spring shoot of "Habsburg 2023 Dubai Royal Art".
Habsburg 2023 Dubai Royal Art auction will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on June 24 at Pullman Hotels and Resorts in the center of Dubai River. It will present all kinds of rare art treasures from prominent sources, including five special sessions, including Chinese calligraphy and painting, porcelain, jade, coins, and miscellaneous items. There are more than 471 rare and precious works of art, and we will work together to create a "Chinese national art feast". This auction will be attended by experienced collectors from the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, and Southeast Asia, and will create the first Dubai Spring Auction top-level art and cultural feast by Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd. in 2023. WeChat: HBSB1826
Habsburg 2023 Dubai June 24th Spring Auction, exquisite miscellaneous items for you to see first!

Bronze Gilded South China Sea Water Moon Guanyin Sitting Statue in the Tenth Year of Ming Xuande
Size: H: 78cm W: 51cm
Starting price: 15,800,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

Explanation: The product is tall and magnificent, with a striking momentum. The posture is a classic style of the free Guanyin. The left leg sits cross legged, the stone leg naturally extends forward, and the foot steps on a Lianhua to firmly sit on a dry mountain stone shaped pedestal. The upper body is straight, the left hand is raised, the right thumb, and the middle finger is lightly pinched. The posture is symmetrical, and the shape is beautiful and graceful. The statue has a dignified and plump face, slightly closed eyes, a calm and kind demeanor, without losing its majesty, and carries the unique beauty and heroism of a man: wearing a five leaf crown and adorned with a small Buddha in the middle, it is a symbol of Guanyin Bodhisattva; Behind the ears are adorned with precious silk, and below the ears are a group of ear bells; The top of the head is a high bun with Mani beads on it, and the remaining hair is tied in braids, draped over the shoulders and flowing to both sides. The hair is finely carved and full of rhythm. The chest is adorned with umbrella-shaped bead like necklaces, exuding Buddhist light and precious aura, which is exceptionally exquisite. Wearing a double necked drooping heavenly robe on the upper body and a monk's skirt on the lower body, the skirt is tied in front of the abdomen, and the hem naturally droops. There are fluttering ribbons on both sides, vividly expressing the soft texture of the fabric. The edges of the Celestial Clothes and the skirt are carved with exquisite brocade, lotus and grass patterns, and the workmanship is extremely meticulous. The body of the statue is quite thick and heavy, with refined copper visible at the bottom where it is worn, shining like gold. The entire body is also heavily gilded, making it a shining gem.
The first thing worth noting about this statue is its style and era. According to its overall style characteristics and superb sculpture and casting skills, the statue should be made in the early Ming Dynasty, because this period is an important period for the political, economic, cultural and artistic development of the Ming Dynasty, and also a peak period for the popularity of Tibetan Buddhism art, which fully meets the artistic conditions for the creation of this statue to learn from others; And its origin should be the royal temple at that time, made by royal craftsmen, because such a large-scale and high-level artistic work is not the work of ordinary folk craftsmen, nor can it be enshrined in ordinary folk temples.
This Shuiyue Guanyin statue is a Central Plains style statue from the early Ming Dynasty. It combines the advantages of Han and Tibetan art, has a perfect shape, solemn appearance, exquisite craftsmanship, huge volume, and grand momentum, fully showcasing the royal art atmosphere of the Ming Dynasty. Although it was more than 500 years later than the first Shuiyue Guanyin statue created by Zhou Fang, we can still feel the lingering charm of Zhou Fang's statue from its plump body, dignified image, and soft and beautiful clothing patterns.
Ming Yongle Bronze Gilded Thousand Buddha Mother Statues
Size: H: 70cm
Starting price: 12,800,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Explanation: During the Yongle and Xuande periods of the Ming Dynasty, a certain number of Buddha statues were cast for political needs, in order to be awarded to prominent monks and political figures in Tibet. This type of Buddha statue has a square and round face, symmetrical facial features, slender eyebrows and eyes, quiet and gentle, with a slight smile on it. Its clothing is magnificent and exquisite, making it a masterpiece of palace statues in the early Ming Dynasty.
The "filigree inlaid" gold statue used in imperial palaces during the Qing Dynasty
Size: H: 30.50cm WT: 1757g Set with 63 gemstones
Starting price: 3,180,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

Explanation: A total of 63 seals and gemstones are embedded (including a very precious four channel cat's eye black gemstone). Filament inlay originated in the Shang Dynasty, went through the development of the Eastern Zhou, Han, Tang, Song, and Yuan dynasties, and reached its peak during the Ming and Qing dynasties, with a history of nearly 4000 years. It is a unique skill that the palace has enjoyed for thousands of years, featuring "gold mining for silk, skillful hand weaving, ultimate softness, utmost ingenuity, and inlaid jade to embellish jade"! Its craftsmanship is complex and exquisite, with huge labor costs, making it extremely rare and precious, showcasing the supremacy and dignity of imperial power, as well as its elegance and elegance. Exclusive top-notch imperial supplies for the palace, exclusively for the royal court to enjoy!
This golden statue has a unique shape, complex craftsmanship, and is woven with "eight bats and eight dragons", symbolizing "prosperity in all directions and good luck in all directions". It is adorned with exquisite flowers made of gold wire, and is inlaid with 63 tourmalines and gemstones (including a very precious four channel cat's eye black gemstone). It is truly lifelike, exquisite, luxurious, and precious, showcasing a symbol of royal glory!
The filigree inlay truly embodies the reputation of "unparalleled luxury", winning worldwide acclaim and fame with its exquisite and unparalleled appearance. This stunt is known as the first of the "Eight Unique Skills in Yanjing" and was included in the national Intangible cultural heritage list in 2008.
Ming Yongle glazed enamel gilded medicine master Buddha
Size: H: 21.5 W: 15
Starting price: 630,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

Explanation: As one of the three major religions, Buddhism has been born for over 3000 years, and it has been introduced to China for over 2000 years. The Buddha statue is the sculpture art that Chinese people have had the widest and longest exposure to, supporting the entire sculpture system of ancient China. Among numerous art categories, collecting Buddha statues can inspire respect and respect among people. Ming Yongle glazed enamel gilded medicine Buddha; This "gilded glaze medicine Buddha" of the Ming Dynasty is 21.5cm high; Bottom diameter: 15cm; The body is straight and upright, with accurate proportions of various parts, demonstrating extremely high styling skills. The blue snail hair is arranged neatly, with a round and convex top bun, and is adorned with precious pearls and gilded gold with a tight top. The face and cheeks are plump, the eyes slightly closed, the eyebrows are slender, the bridge of the nose is firm, and the eyebrows and nose form a beautiful curve, appearing particularly handsome and magnificent. The expression is calm and gentle, with a slight smile, symbolizing the peaceful and pure spiritual world of this Buddha. Wearing the Flower Ling magic tool, sit on the gilded lotus flower seat with both legs tied in a full Lotus position position, and support the medicine bowl with both hands,. Zunsheng Hezi is a legendary holy medicine that can cure all diseases and illnesses. In terms of detailed depiction, although the glass texture is brittle and hard to process, this statue is made very meticulously and vividly. The depiction is exquisite, with countless hair and whiskers. The clothing pattern is delicate and smooth, and the polishing is meticulous. It is expected to be clear and bright, with a faint colorful treasure light, solemn and solemn, full of realism and vitality. Bhaisajyaguru is the leader of the Oriental Pure Glaze World. This Bhaisajyaguru is gilded with enamel, with both hands supporting the medicine bowl, a high bun, a plump face, a high nose, a slightly cocked mouth, and a full jaw. The ears are large and close to the face, with a calm and natural expression. The depiction of the pleats is smooth and natural, and the sculptural style of 'Cao Yi Shui Shui' is faintly visible.
Bhaisajyaguru, also known as Medicine Guru Tathagata and Great Doctor King Buddha, is the leader of the Oriental Pure Glass World. According to the Sutra of Merit and Virtue of Medicine Guru Light Tathagata's Original Wish, there is world pure glass in the East, and the Buddha is called Medicine Guru Light Tathagata. When this Buddha was practicing the Bodhisattva Way, he made twelve big wishes to relieve suffering for all living beings and become a Buddha. Therefore, this image is often enshrined in the medical hall of Buddhist temples.
Silk Enamel Entangled Branch Lotus Pattern Chi Ear Elephant Foot Smoke Stove
Size: H: 13.9cm C: 16cm
Starting price: 456,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Ming Yongle Infinite Shou Buddha
Size: H: 18.5cm
Starting price: 1,480,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Night Pearl
Size: Large D: 80.90mm WT: 751.3g Small D: 49.90mm WT: 169.7-184.9g
Starting price: 960,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

Description: Night Pearl Large diameter: 80.90 millimeters, weight: 751.3 grams;
Small diameter: 49.90 millimeters, weight: 169.7-184.9 grams.
In ancient records, stories about the Night Pearl are quite mythical. The ancients were puzzled by the magical function of the Night Pearl to emit light, and even believed that the Night Pearl was the eye of a whale in the sea. Due to its rarity and preciousness, the night shining pearl was regarded as a treasure by the ancients. It is priceless, comparable to Mr. He's jade, and is regarded as the treasure of the country. There are many historical records about the Night Pearl, which is formed by the accumulation of some luminous substances in the Earth's earth over tens of millions of years, from the initial eruption of volcanic magma to later geological movements, in minerals. The most representative is a type of fluorite with phosphorescence phenomenon. Therefore, it appears particularly precious. The 'Night Pearl' is the most mysterious, rare, and precious treasure in the 5000 year history of Chinese civilization, and is privately owned by the imperial power. The 'Night Pearl' has a profound historical heritage and cultural connotations. The Buddha's name is the Medicine Master, the Glass Light Tathagata. This Buddha practices Bodhisattva
Chenxiang ornaments
Size: H: 22.5cm; WT: 754g
Starting price: 2,000,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

Extraterrestrial Visitors - Two Birds with One Stone (Meteorite)
Size: Small: 23.59g Medium: 28g Large: 1280g Total: 1330g
Starting price: 340,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Explanation: The picture fully interprets the realm of "two birds with one stone", creating a simple and natural fresh painting, and also a cosmic gift given to humanity by the universe. This collection belongs to the world's treasures and has extremely high collection and investment value. An excellent collector is the best Discoverist artist. They only need to observe with a pair of eyes to discover the best works of art. Its value is to discover and capture, and the process of capturing is the process of the existence of the work. The greatest artistic instinct is hidden in everyone's mind, lake vision, and the ability to generate artistic works anytime and anywhere. So there is greatness hidden in the small, elegant, and ordinary things
Multi faceted Tafo Thangka
Size: L: 52cm x W: 41cm
Starting price: 430,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

Tianhuangshi Red Cliff Night Tour Boyi Decoration
Size: H: 10.3cm WT: 340g
Starting price: 1,020,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Tian Huang Shi Shan Ju Instantaneous Thin Yi Decoration
Size: H: 7.2cm WT: 390g
Starting price: 19,590,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Tian Huangshi Nine Chi Treasure Offering Seal
Size WT: 281g
Starting price: 5,810,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Warring States Leiwen Three Dragons Cloud Thunder Pattern Mirror
Size: WT: 981g D: 19.8cm
Starting price: 1,060,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Explanation: The bronze mirror with thunder and dragon patterns in the Chu state of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty has a three stringed knob and a cloud and thunder pattern as the first layer of shading pattern. The main pattern is thick, with a wide and flat protrusion, a broken line shaped thunder pattern, and three twisted and deformed dragon patterns. It is a typical decoration of the Warring States period more than 2300 years ago, reflecting the custom of the Chu people advocating dragons and phoenixes. The copper mirror is in excellent preservation condition, with a black lacquer ancient color, which is a unique feature of the preservation of copper mirrors in the Chu region. The decorative design is simple and magnificent, and the lines of the dragon are strong and firm. The decoration is magnificent, elegant, and noble, with a timeless charm, far surpassing the Tang Dynasty Sea Beast Grape Mirror and making it the pinnacle of the Warring States Bronze Mirror. Its casting is exquisite and meticulous, with a highly condensed and regulated aesthetic. The fine patterns indicate the beginning of the use of iron tools in this era, which possess high hardness for carving bronze objects. The regular and strict aesthetic reflects the Warring States period, the reform and the high pursuit of science and technology and unified standards. It comprehensively reflects the scientific technology and humanistic spirit of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty and the Warring States period.
Warring States period gold and silver inlaid bronze mirrors
Size D: 30cmg
Starting price: 1,180,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Gilded Gold and Silver Sword
Size L: 61cm
Starting price: 1,620,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Copper sprinkling gold tripod furnace
Size D: 25cm
Starting price 2,660,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

Ming Dynasty Buddha statue of Shakyamuni
Size: H: 30cm W: 25cm T: 17cm WT: 6300g
Starting price: 830,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Explanation: In the Ming Dynasty, the statue of The Buddha Buddha - the Ficus religiosa - realized the Tao and became a Buddha. This bronze gilded Buddha statue of The Buddha in the Ming Dynasty is 30 cm high, 25 cm wide and 17 cm thick, and weighs 6300 grams. The Buddha statue is seated with a strong and full body, and the Dharma is dignified. The top is adorned with snail hair, a meat bun is adorned at the front of the snail hair, a white dot is placed between the eyebrows, and the eyes are slightly lowered, solemn and dignified. The head is large, the face is round, the forehead is wide and full, the nose is straight, the face is calm, and the demeanor is comfortable. The large earlobe shoulders, wide ear rings, and muscular lines of the face and arms show tension. The Buddha's body is a shoulder style robe, with a two shoulder shawl, exquisite patterns carved on the edge, the left hand is placed horizontally on the left foot, and the Zen meditation seal is applied. The shape is dignified, and the craftsmanship is exquisite, which is truly rare. This statue of The Buddha's gilded bronze Buddha is dignified and grand, with fine carving techniques and exquisite techniques. It can be called the high-quality copper gilded Buddha of the Ming Dynasty. It has high historical, scientific, artistic value, collection value and cultural relic value, and is of great significance for the study of the art of Buddha statues of the Ming Dynasty.
Tibetan Mural of the Five Paths God of Wealth in Mud
Size 38 * 48.5cm
Starting price: 150,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Clear Wenxin - Qinan Chenxiang
Size: WT: 3826g
Starting price: 9,510,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Explanation: Hainan Li Mu Shan Qi Nan Chen Xiang, a millennium old ingredient, is extremely rare. Long aging time, high density, hard texture, and thick and plump oil thread. The aroma is warm, strong in diffusion, clean and mellow. Su Dongpo's poem goes: both gold and jade are firm, and crane bones and dragon tendons.
Audio and video of the Ming Dynasty Xuande Bronze Gilded Temple
Size: H: 39.5cm WT: 5000g
Starting price: 960000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd
Explanation: The bronze gilded Guanyin statue of the Xuande Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, H: 39.5cm WT: 5000g, has a beautiful and dignified shape, a symmetrical posture, a Buddha like figure on the top of the head, a high bun, and a shawl of hair. Open your face kindly, show your white hair, bend your eyebrows and fix your eyes, have a straight nose, and have large ears. Wearing a heavenly robe, the train and pleats of the skirt are like flowing clouds and flowing water, and the neck is adorned with a collar and wreath, exuding elegance and grandeur. Sitting on top of a lotus flower, the petals are round and plump, holding a clean bottle in the left hand and a willow branch in the right hand. The craftsmanship is exquisite. Throughout the entire image, the copper is pure, the casting is deep and steep, the proportion is coordinated, and the symmetry is even and beautiful, making the illusion of human perception the same. The clothing pattern is smooth and natural, and the decoration is simple and moderate. It is not cumbersome or lacking, giving people a just right feeling. Partial gilding, Baoguang Zeze, well preserved, highly artistic and collectible.
Imperial Bronze Gilded Infinite Shou Buddha
Size H: 44cm
Starting price: 21,800,000 AED
Auction House: Habsburg International Auction Co., Ltd

Auction Theme: Habsburg 2023 Dubai Royal Art Auction, United Arab Emirates
Auction time: June 24, 2023 (12:00-18:00)
Auction site: Pullman Hotels and Resorts Dubai River Centre
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